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Living a Pure Life

John Coblentz

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    Sexual sin warps, poisons, and plunders the soul. In its path follow immeasurable havoc, confusion, and anguish. But in spite of its painfully high costs, sexual sin often develops a powerful hold on both men and women. A person can know he is wrecking his family, destroying his character, and bringing shame to the name of Christ; he can be remorseful, ashamed, and even hate himself and what he has become -- and still return repeatedly to the same ruinous sins.

    Thank God there is grace!

    In this book you'll find the principles and guidance of God's Word regarding moral purity. It faces honestly what happens when we sin. It lays out the requirements for dealing with sexual sin. And it points the way to living a pure life.

    Living a Pure Life is more than a manual for deliverance. It is a clear call to moral purity amid the struggles and temptations of our immoral times. It's an invitation to a living and growing relationship with God, who is abundantly able to guide us in righteousness and to guard us from evil. It's a message for all of us.

    202 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
    ISBN: 9780878136490
    Copyright: 2007
    Christian Light Publications

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