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Tour of Europe -- $7.50
Elizabeth Wagler -- As Kathryn and her cousins shelled peas and hoed weeds, Aunt Laura helped pass the time by telling stories of her travels. She had already told fascinating stories of her adventures in Africa and the Holy Land.

Sunshine Through the Storm -- $4.50
Rhoda Bontrager -- A tornado catches ten-year-old Joel and his family by surprise. So do all the friends who arrive to help afterward. Their helpers are their sunshine through the storm.

Light for Your Path -- $11.00
Mary Ellen Beachy -- Inside you will find stories promoting honesty, obedience, courage, and humility. You will also meet godly role models as well as those who have learned painful lessons. Each story ends with a suitable Bible verse to draw the young heart to the truths of Scripture.

Eyes for My Heart   $11.25
Rebecca Martin -- Fourteen-year-old Ida rebels at the disappointments, decisions, and necessary changes that take place in the family. But through each experience...

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land -- $7.50
Elizabeth Wagler -- Kathryn was staying with Aunt Laura's family for the summer. She joined in their play and work. Now it was time to pick peas, which could be a hot, backbreaking job. But it wasn't all bad. To help pass the time, Aunt Laura told fascinating stories about her travels to Africa, Israel, and Europe.

Thunderstorm in Church -- $9.00
Louise A. Vernon -- Martin Luther's son has a problem. What should young Hans Luther do when he grows up? How can he ever do anything important when he is constantly overshadowed by his famous father?

The Secret Church -- $9.00

Night Preacher -- $9.00

Leopard Glue and Cannibal Country -- $8.00
Charles Ludwig -- Missionary Green wants to take the Gospel to the fierce Niam-Niam tribe. These cannibals see no difference between eating animals or people until they see the fearlessness of Missionary Green and his boys.

Chuma and Chuma Finds a Baby -- $8.00
Charles Ludwig -- The introduction of Jesus to an African village in the land of Bunyore wins Chuma. But the cruel tribal customs of abandoning a twin baby embroils Chuma in a struggle against the witch doctor, who defends the wicked customs of the village.

But Not Forsaken -- $9.00

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Through Age 10 | Over Age 10 | Children's Series

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