Seconds, Used, Damaged

This page also includes some nothing-wrong-with-them new books.

The last portion of this page consists of a few school books from Rod and Staff Publishers.

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The Harmony of Science and Scripture, Harry Rimmer $25.00 used
hardcover -- 283 pages -- Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (1962)
Very nice condition. I thumbed through it and saw no markings or tears. The front page has an address label, an early-60s dedication in ink, and a penciled sketch. The pages are clean and nice-looking. The cover shows relatively minor shelf wear. The dust jacket has some tears and some wrinkling. A

Teaching for Results, Findley B. Edge $13.00 used
hardcover -- 230 pages -- Broadman Press (1956) -- ISBN: 08054423401 -- nineteenth printing
Very nice on the inside. A plastic cover is carefully scotch-taped over the dust jacket. Formerly in First Baptist Church Library (Lebanon, Oregon) so it has a stamp on the front page plus a library pocket and stuff in the back. A

Mennonite Church Directory 2008, $7.00 new
spiral-bound -- Christian Light Publications
A listing of (generally to somewhat) conservative Mennonite churches and ministers. A
Alternately, buy the current one here.

New Friends $5.50 damaged new
hardcover -- Pathway Publishers (1977 copyright; 2004 reprint)
Pathway Reader, Grade 3, book 1 -- shipping wear to the covers -- two copies available

Rod and Staff Curriculum

17691 God's Chosen Family as a Nation -- Teacher's $7.00 damaged new
paperback -- 234 pages -- Rod and Staff Publishers (1999) -- No ISBN given
Bible 6 teacher manual -- shipping wear to cover

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Storytime With the Millers, Mildred A. Martin $4.00
damaged new -- paperback -- upper half creased and bent; still very readable and useable -- ISBN 1884377009 -- 110 pages -- 1994 (Green Pastures Press)