Lighthouse Series

Nonresistance or Pacifism -- $2.75
James A. Goering -- This 24-page booklet briefly sketches trends in Mennonite thought and practice on nonresistance. Outlines the Scriptural doctrine and shows how pacifism falls short of God's plan.

The Christian and Authority -- $2.75
Keith Crider -- Small, short, and direct, this booklet is for everyone in authority or under authority.

Through the Eye of a Needle -- $6.00
Roger Hertzler -- Christian stewardship, as commonly taught today, tells us that part of wise financial management is to deposit money regularly into savings and allow it to accumulate. The doctrine of nonaccumulation, on the other hand, states the Jesus forbids His followers to accumulate wealth on earth.

The Holy Remnant -- $8.90
Paul Hollingshead -- An Exposition of the Book of Isaiah -- Prophecy was more than predictions of conditions and events, though it included these. Reading the prophets with a true heart, a person comes to know the Lord better, and to be more like Him.

Yes! God Still Speaks Today -- $11.00
compiled by Norma Plank -- Throughout history many Christians have testified of God's faithfulness and loving care. But is God involved in the lives of His children today?

A Time of Departing -- $12.00
Ray Yungen -- Be sure to read this revealing account of a universal spirituality that has infiltrated much of the church today. This book exposes subtle strategies to compromise the Gospel message with Eastern mystical concepts cloaked under the wrappings of contemplative prayer and the silence.

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