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Spanish Books

Having grown up in Mexico as well as having served there later as a missionary, I am delighted to make these Spanish books available.

Purchase them to bless your Hispanic friends, to put in your public library, to send to missionaries and churches in Spanish-speaking countries, or to polish your own Spanish skills.

These are all paperback unless otherwise noted.

La vida de una familia cristiana -- $9.00 (Christian Family Living)

Un Mes con los Sabios, Pablo Yoder -- $2.50 (A Month with the Wise)

En Pos de los Supremo, Oswald Chambers -- $8.00 (My Utmost for His Highest)

La Voluntad de Dios para Mi Cuerpo, John Coblentz -- $3.00 (God's Will for My Body)

La Voluntad de Dios para el Amor Matrimonial, John Coblentz -- $5.00 (God's Will for Love in Marriage)

El Matrimonio, el Divorcio, y las Segundas Nupcias, John C. -- $5.00 (Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage)

Marita, Evelyn Hege -- $5.50 (Marita)

La Fe por la Cual Vale Morir, Dallas Witmer -- $1.75 (A Faith Worth Dying For)

Biblia Reina-Valera 1960 -- $10.00 -- hard cover (Reina-Valera 1960 Spanish Bible)

Evangelistas en Cadenas, Elizabeth Wagler -- $10.00 (Evangelists in Chains)

Vosotros, Padres, David G. Burkholder -- $10.50 (Ye Fathers)

En el Vientre de la Ballena, James Lowry -- $3.50 (In the Whale's Belly)

Respuestas de la Biblia al Alcance, George R. Brunk -- $4.00 (Ready Bible Answers)

Tito, Compañero de la Cruz, Florence M. Kingsley -- $3.25 (Titus, Comrade of the Cross)

Fuego en las Colinas de Zurich, Joseph Stoll -- $5.50 (Fire in the Zurich Hills)

La Esposa del Tamborilero, Joseph Stoll -- $7.50 (The Drummer's Wife)

La Vida Matrimonial, Braselmane & Miller -- $3.00 (The Wedded Life)

Las Hijas del Borracho, Mrs. M.J.P.S. -- $5.50 (The Drunkard's Children)

Muerto para Vivir con Cristo, Merle Ruth -- $3.75 (Dying To Live with Christ)

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