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Challenges for Youth

Daily Truth for Godly Youth -- $11.00
Howard Bean -- This devotional book will bless both teens and adults by the captivating illustrations and the challenging comments.

Life Is for Living -- $11.00
Anita Yoder -- A single woman's discovery of abundant life. When you find yourself without a romance story, has God cheated you? If you think abundant life will come only after you're married, this book is for you. Or if you know God is generous but you can't see His gifts to you, these chapters will open your eyes.

Remember Thy Creator -- $8.00
G. Richard Culp -- Revised and reprinted by a Mennonite doctor who became first a creationist and then a Christian during university studies. Dr. Culp thoroughly analyzes the various theories of evolution, and objectively presents his arguments against them from embryology, astronomy, geology and the fossil record, anthropology, anatomy, and genetics, establishing the truth of the Genesis account of creation as the act of God.

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