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Colorful Board-Books

These books compiled by Hilda Barnhart each illustrate sixteen clear and simple selections from God's Word that even children can understand and learn. Sturdy board-book construction withstands wear and tear from small hands and the handy size (5" x 5") slips easily into Mom's purse or diaper bag.

Come Unto Me   $5.95

Jesus My Shepherd   $5.95

Philip's Special Brother -- $4.00
Rhoda Bontrager -- The story of Philip and Nathaniel is written to help children understand children with Down Syndrome and to appreciate them as God's special children.

Justin's Jungle Adventure -- $3.50
as told by Mary Currier -- Justin knew that he should never go into the jungle. Dangerous animals lived there. So when Justin built his play hut under the leafy bubinga tree, he thought he was safe. Stunning artwork on every page. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.

The Adventures of Rusty and Ryan -- $7.50
Shari Beth Martin -- Father opened the door, and in bounced a little puppy. He had brown and white fur and a wagging tail. Rusty and Ryan were soon best friends. They did everything together. Being a puppy, Rusty had some things to learn. And so did Ryan.

Special Friends at Home -- $6.00
Sara J. Yoder -- Benjie, a lively eight-year-old Amish boy, is a friend to everyone. He welcomes each new friend with respect, and each one becomes special to him. Although the setting of this story is Amish, the lessons it instills apply to Christian families everywhere.

God's Miracle -- Me -- $3.25
Rebecca Newswanger -- Third in a series of God's miracles. Illustrated verses help children marvel at the way God made them.

Benjie Goes to School -- $10.00
Sara Yoder -- Benjie is finally a first grader . . . and a struggling one at that.

Benjie the In-Between Boy -- $10.00
Sara Yoder -- As the middle child in the family, how is Benjie supposed to feel?

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Through Age 10 | Over Age 10 | Children's Series

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