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The Mystery of Christ and the Church -- $4.00
Isaac D. Martin -- The relationship of Christ to His church cannot be understood by anyone outside His kingdom. Even a person who has been saved finds it difficult to explain. He just knows that Christ has forgiven his sins and has washed them away by His blood.

Bible Parables -- $7.60
Menno J. Brunk -- Parables put the truth in a form that can be easily remembered, make spiritual truth more understandable, arouse inquiry, hide truth from those who are not open to it.

I Couldn't Fight -- $7.00
Lloy Kniss and others -- This book tells the story of several young brethren who took their stand for Biblical nonresistance. Written in narrative form, these accounts bring to light attitudes of society toward the conscientious objector, and the opposition that often surfaces in times of war.

Christian Evidences -- $3.50
Leland M. Haines -- How we know the Bible is God's revelation. This book on Christian apologetics demonstrates that God created the world and has revealed Himself to man through the written Word.

God's Word Written -- $7.00
J. C. Wenger -- "Is there any word from the Lord?" No question is of greater importance to men today. This sets forth the word the Lord spoke centuries ago to prophets, poets, historians, and the Apostles and their associates.

Biblical Concept of the Church -- $7.00
Leland M. Haines -- This book emphasizes what Jesus meant when He said, "I will build my church."

Authority of Scripture -- $9.00
Leland M. Haines -- This book shows that the authority of Scripture comes directly from Christ.

Redemption Realized through Christ -- $10.00
Leland Haines -- The history of redemption from beginning to end, including the redemption of the material world. It shows how redemption became necessary, and carefully traces God's developing plan through the call of Abram, the history of Israel, the atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus, and his second coming.

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