Victorious Living

Daily Truth for Godly Youth -- $11.00
Howard Bean -- This devotional book will bless both teens and adults by the captivating illustrations and the challenging comments.

The Celestial Railroad -- $2.95
Nathaniel Hawthorne -- Hawthorne used Pilgrim's Progress as a basis for this allegory, revisiting the way to the Celestial City.

Get on with Living -- $5.00
Simon Schrock -- How to find God's will and direction for your own life! It's easy to get stuck in the groove of the everyday grind. This books encourages the readers to get on with life and discover their place of service and witness.

The Doctrine of Salvation -- $4.75
Stephen Merrill -- The writer begins with the depravity of fallen man and progresses step by step through repentance, faith, pardon, justification, adoption, regeneration, sanctification, growth in grace, and holiness. He concludes with the completeness and security of the child of God in Christ Jesus.

My Utmost for His Highest -- $9.50
Oswald Chambers -- Men and women the world over return again and again to the words of Oswald Chambers in the most popular devotional book ever published.

In His Steps -- $7.00
Charles M. Sheldon -- Sheldon presents "a Christ for the common people. A Christ who belongs to the rich and poor, the ignorant and learned, the old and young, the good and the bad." He asks us to consider what Jesus would do if He were in our shoes.

How To Obtain Fullness of Power -- $8.00
R. A. Torrey -- There is a vibrant power that belongs to God but is available to each of us. Abundant joy, renewed faith, freedom from fear, and a peaceful heart are all withi our grasp.

Higher than the Ceiling -- $6.50
Simon Jonah Thomas -- Bring discipline and delight into your daily prayers! Fifty-two short but challenging chapters on the Christian's prayer life show us how to have a closer walk the Lord. Each chapter has its own study questions.

A Woman by God's Grace -- $9.00

Beyond Death -- $3.25

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