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A Home for Sarah -- $10.50
Romaine Stauffer -- Sarah was too young to understand how the Great Depression and adverse circumstances had combined to impoverish her family. She took for granted the happiness and security she enjoyed in her home. Then when she was ten years old, tragedy struck. Her home was suddenly shattered and life forever changed.

Earnestly Contend for the Faith -- $7.20
Mary Miller -- In every generation, God raises up men who make a difference. Because they fear God, these men do not compromise truth for expediency. This biography gives us glimpses into the life and times of Eli D. Kramer, who stood for truth amid apostasy.

The Buttercup Tree -- $7.50
Mrs. Cleon Martin -- Amish Pioneer Series, Book 3 -- This book's theme (the relationship between a stepmother and stepchildren) has seldom been written about, even though many families have experienced the challenge of adjusting to such a situation. The author has attempted to depict this fictional (but very true-to-life) family from every angle and with feeling for all the characters.

Papa Leonardo -- $4.30
Jeff Barth -- This brief but exciting narrative challenges faith and prayer, and glorifies our never-failing, all-powerful, miracle-working God. The setting is in old Italy on the Bay of Naples. The conflict is between belief and loyalty to the true God and the idolatrous worship of Jupiter, Apollo and other ancient temple gods.

Tsunami! -- $12.00
Harvey Yoder -- In the true stories of this book, experience -- in a small degree -- a few of the horrors the people of Banda Aceh faced. The stories are mostly about Christians. Find out what believing in Christ really does for people who face a disaster. Some tell their stories with sorrow and heartbreak, others with joy and hope.

Miss Nancy -- $12.00
Harvey Yoder -- The inspiring and fascinating story of God's work in the life of one Amish missionary to Belize. Whether in drudgery, danger, or success, Miss Nancy's dauntless faith and devotion have inspired and challenged countless people. Her story is both entertaining and edifying.

Angels in the Night -- $13.00
Pablo Yoder with Kristy Wadsworth -- Night falls early in Waslala, and the dark evenings are long -- especially if you're waiting.... If you enjoyed Angels over Waslala, you'll surely want to read the sequel!

Angels Over Waslala -- $11.00
Pablo Yoder and Phillip Cohen -- After 13 armed robberies, 4 burglaries, and 3 letters demanding money, some missionaries would return home, but not the small group who went to Waslala, Nicaragua, to start a new church.

Thatched Roofs and Prairie Blizzards -- $8.25
Elizabeth Wagler -- Dominga and Santiago live with their children in Belize. Karen and James live with their children in Canada. The homes and live of these two families are very different, but as you follow their normal, everyday lives, you ll see that much is the same. Live with these families to see your life is a lot like theirs.

The Priceless Privilege   $10.75
Lucy Ann Conley -- Twenty-two stories unfold tests, problems, victories, and defeats about real people facing the dilemmas of life.

Through Gates of Splendor -- $12.00
Elisabeth Elliot -- It was a story that shook the world. In the autumn of 1955 five young men had dared to make contact with a Stone age tribe deep in the jungles of Ecuador. The goal: to establish communication with a people whose only previous response to the outside world had been to attack all strangers.

Gone the Golden Dream -- $13.00
Jan Markell -- The true story of a Jewish family, facing terror and death in Russia, who begins the search for the "golden medineh."

Amy Carmichael: Let the Little Children Come -- $7.00
Lois Hoadley Dick -- Converted to Christ at sixteen, Amy Carmichael worked in street missions for several years before serving for two years as a missionary to Japan. At twenty-eight, she left for India, with high hopes of spreading the good news of Christ to the Indian people.

Allegheny Gospel Trails -- $9.75
Virginia Crider -- "You know," Rhine said thoughtfully, "I don't believe we knew what we were getting into when we accepted this assignment."

Where Little Ones Cry -- $11.00
Harvey Yoder -- In the midst of the terror that war brings are the little children. Their stories, a few of which are captured in this book, are not of typical, carefree children. Some of these true accounts have happy endings, but sad trails lead them there.

The Autobiography George Muller -- $5.00
George Muller -- What can be accomplished by an ordinary man who trusts in an extraordinary God? George Muller discovered some of the endless possiblities!

One Boy's Battle -- $4.75
Christmas Carol Kauffman -- For his mother's sake, Millard Gingerich, the oldest boy in the family, wished he could work at home. But for reasons Millard could never understand, his father seemed to resent him and dislike his presence.

The Whirlwind Cometh -- $4.75
anonymous -- This is an unusual book, a story you will not soon forget. A new Canadian government under Prime Minister John Smith sweeps into power, and at once begins a program to bring reform to Canada. One result is that the historic peace churches are put to a test to see if they are truly nonresistant and if their faith is genuine. The young people must appear before tribunals before they are granted conscientious objector status.

Deliver the Ransom Alone -- $7.00
Verda J. Glick -- Kidnapping was a nagging possibility in politically troubled El Salvador in the early 1990s. One night it became a reality to the Eli Glick family.

The Earth Is Round -- $5.00
Margaret Epp -- Set in the late 1800's, Cornelia Harms is part of a colony moving from Russia to Canada. The family is fictional, but incidents and setting are true to history. A powerful story of God's sovereignty and faithfulness, reminding us that our times of peace and prosperity could quickly change.

Three Lights as One -- $5.00
Anna May Strite -- This adult sequel to Square Peg -- Round Hole is the account of a young couple who faithfully seek the Lord's direction as they face the ups and downs of life. The story begins in youth with courtship and continues through early married life. Good reading for youth and adults.

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