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The Whirlwind Cometh


[The Whirlwind Cometh (by anonymous)]
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This is an unusual book, a story you will not soon forget. A new Canadian government under Prime Minister John Smith sweeps into power, and at once begins a program to bring reform to Canada. One result is that the historic peace churches are put to a test to see if they are truly nonresistant and if their faith is genuine. The young people must appear before tribunals before they are granted conscientious objector status.

For those who have taken our religious freedom too much for granted, or have gradually slipped into lukewarmness or even hypocrisy, this book may jolt us back to reality. This gripping story is not a history, but a challenge to examine the present and be ready for the future.

This book is a deliberate attempt to nudge the sluggish conscience and to give a wake-up call to all the Laodiceans of our day who have gradually grown lukewarm and smug. It is a cry of alarm to those who are adrift on the sea of compromise and worldliness. It is a snatching away of the pillow from beneath the heads of those who have been lulled by ease and prosperity.

In many ways this book is in a class with Henry and the Great Society. Both books touch reality so well that they open our eyes to that which is true and lasting in life -- the greater values that are so often obscured by the smog of our daily existence.

167 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.5"
Copyright: 2000
Pathway Publishers

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