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The Holy Remnant -- $8.90
Paul Hollingshead -- An Exposition of the Book of Isaiah -- Prophecy was more than predictions of conditions and events, though it included these. Reading the prophets with a true heart, a person comes to know the Lord better, and to be more like Him.

God at Work in Saints of Old -- $5.00
Ervin N. Hershberger -- The author has given many years of his life studying the connections between the old and the new covenants -- often called the "Types and Shadows" of the Old Testament. This interpretive book will inspire and challenge you into a deeper study of the Holy Word of God.

How to Study the Bible -- $6.00
R. A. Torrey -- A concise, practical book for all Christians. It teaches various methods of study in a clear and simple way. Tells how to have more love for the Word of God and gives basic conditions necessary for the most profitable Bible study.

One Anothering -- Study Guide -- $3.25

The Christian Responds to Life -- $3.25
Mark Roth -- A study guide for the Book of James set up in ten lessons for use in summer or winter Bible schools or in other studies of the Book of James. This study deals with many practical issues and the intimate relationship between faith and works. Both are essential for victorious Christian living.

Redemption Realized Through Christ -- $10.00
Leland M. Haines -- The history of redemption from beginning to end, including the redemption of the material world. Thus the book begins with innocent Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and ends with the new heavens and earth. It shows how redemption became necessary, and carefully traces God's developing plan through the call of Abram, the history of Israel, the atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus, and his second coming.

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