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  How to Study the Bible R. A. Torrey  


[How to Study the Bible] A concise, practical book for all Christians. It teaches various methods of study in a clear and simple way. Tells how to have more love for the Word of God and gives basic conditions necessary for the most profitable Bible study. Both the beginner and the most scholarly student will benefit from Torrey's instructive work.

This unique and indispensable reference tool will help you to:

  • Master the contents of the Bible.
  • Learn how to appropriate God's promises.
  • Begin a lifelong habit of "feeding on the Word."
  • Find effective ways to lead men to Christ.
  • Discover the secret of retaining your studies.
This book quickly supplies volumes of study helps and may be the most important addition to your own library.

97 pages. Paperback. Whitaker House.

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