Books for Women

Joy for Mourning -- $10.00
Anne Miller -- One woman's testimony offers inspiration and comfort to those struggling with the aftermath of sexual abuse.

Hiram & Jonas -- $7.75
Wendy Boyd -- They were a normal family happily looking forward to a new baby. Soon they learned there were, not one, but two! How exciting! Then the unusual symptoms began. The expectant mother told herself it was probably just part of having twins. Or was it? The doctors didn t seem alarmed, so she soldiered on. How could she bear it for sixteen more weeks? As it turned out, she didn't -- she went into labor.

Heart & Hearth -- $10.00
Mary June Glick -- This cookbook was born out of the author's own experience of cooking in a foreign country. Written especially for Missionary Mothers, but includes many simple recipes and tips for everyone.

Life Is for Living -- $11.00
Anita Yoder -- A single woman's discovery of abundant life. When you find yourself without a romance story, has God cheated you? If you think abundant life will come only after you're married, this book is for you. Or if you know God is generous but you can't see His gifts to you, these chapters will open your eyes.

Committed to the Covenant -- $7.00
Elizabeth Lapp -- Elizabeth thought she and Emanuel had a happy marriage. A deep love, two children, adequate income, and a caring church -- life was good. Illusion. Emanuel was seeing another woman. When Elizabeth found out, she was crushed.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle -- $10.00
Sharilyn Martin -- New mothers, here is a book of inspirational meditations for you. It has been said that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

A Woman by God's Grace -- $9.00
Anna Mary Byler -- A devotional and inspirational book for women that deals with many practical aspects of family living, scheduling, being "too busy," family worship, and many other topics of Christian living.

Mother to Mother on Breastfeeding -- $7.50
Miriam Biehn, R.N. -- A very positive and encouraging guide for young parents who wish to give their baby the best possible start!

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