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Hiram & Jonas

Wendy Boyd

[Hiram & Jonas (by Wendy Boyd)]
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They were a normal family happily looking forward to a new baby. Soon they learned there were, not one, but two! How exciting! Then the unusual symptoms began. The expectant mother told herself it was probably just part of having twins. Or was it? The doctors didn t seem alarmed, so she soldiered on. How could she bear it for sixteen more weeks? As it turned out, she didn't -- she went into labor.

Statistically, babies born at twenty weeks don't survive. Babies born at twenty-four might. What would happen to theirs? They hoped and prayed for the best.

A series of life-threatening crises followed one upon the other...for months. They waited and watched and prayed. They also endured and grew, for in their anguish they found a source of comfort and strength -- God. Even a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be a holy sanctuary.

The author is refreshingly candid about their weaknesses and struggles. Their testimony is clear -- God is faithful through any storm to those who reach out to Him.

The first two paragraphs

Hiram and Jonas. Identical twins. Your names are intertwined in my mind even now. Little did we know that you would never be together -- that you would never even touch. Instead, you were separated by the wide gulf between Heaven and earth -- one going ahead to Jesus; one left behind to live this life. Sometimes I wonder who left whom behind. It seems so strange that you and Jonas, who started as the same cell, and then split into two -- are now separated into two different worlds.

When I look back on the first few months of your existence inside me, my recurring thought is that everything seemed so normal. How could something that seemed so normal turn out so wrong? I guess things ceased to be normal once we knew there were two of you.

209 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136551
Copyright: 2007
Christian Light Publications

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