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Angels in the Night

Pablo Yoder with Kristy Wadsworth

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Night falls early in Waslala, and the dark evenings are long -- especially if you're waiting....

They knew God had called them to Waslala, and had faith that He would protect them. But now that faith would be tested like never before....

During their first two years in Nicaragua, Pablo and Euni Yoder and their five children had endured more than a dozen robberies. Their trials had drawn them closer to each other and to God, but as the sun set, Pablo's usually rambunctious family still grew quiet and tense, and a vague foreboding subdued his own naturally boisterous spirit. The robbers would be back. It was only a matter of time.

In spite of the poverty and violence that surrounded them, a fledgling church was emerging, and a light, small at first but growing steadily, was piercing the darkness.

Chapter 1 begins

Silvery moonlight washed over the crude, two-story, wooden house. It was nine o'clock, and I was already asleep.

Euni nestled in deeper into her loveseat, trying unsuccessfully to concentrate on the notepad in her lap, on which were scrawled the first few lines of a letter to her parents. The darkness, the silence, and the thought of her parents so far away caused a wave of loneliness to wash over her.

The children were all asleep, and everything was quiet. Too quiet. Euni blew out the candle and knelt beside the bed. "Dear Father, I am afraid tonight. I know you care. Please watch over me and my precious family."

Just across the ravine, perched high on a hill, another house glowed in the moonlight. Several young people sat out on the open porch, talking quietly and admiring the Nicaraguan mountains shimmering in the light of the near-full moon.

Suddenly Kiria pointed toward our house in the valley. "What's that?"

"I was just going to ask the same thing!" Carmen exclaimed.

They gazed in wonder at the glowing pillar of cloud hovering over the shed beside the house. "There's another one!" Carmen continued. "Back farther, a little to one side."

"They're angels!" Kiria announced breathlessly. "I can see their forms!"

Kiria saw them plainly -- outstretched wings, glowing legs....

If you enjoyed Angels over Waslala, you'll surely want to read the sequel!

353 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9781885270719
Copyright: 2007
TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)

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