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Death of a Saloon

Pablo Yoder

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Teodolinda and her family moved to the rough Zapotal highlands of Costa Rica to find a better life. But as the years passed, things got worse. Much worse. Life became a cycle of work, moonshining, drunkeness, and fighting. Frightened, disgusted, and angry with herself and her family, Teodolinda wished desperately for change.

She hung religious symbols on the wall, lit candles to the saints, chanted prayers, and walked miles to visit a priest, all to no avail. She vowed to do better, but soon faltered. Nothing she did made a difference. The family only slid deeper into sin. Finally they were ready to take desperate measures.

Death of a Saloon is a remarkable story of a soul-sick family and a testimony of the great mercy and power of God and of the miraculous deliverance and new life available through Jesus Christ.

Though parts of this true story are depressing reading, its wonderful message is the redemption that Christ gives.

451 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9780878136957
Copyright: 2011
Christian Light Publications

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