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  Christian Evidences Leland M. Haines  


[Christian Evidences] How we know the Bible is God's revelation. Who made the world? Why was it made? Is there any revelation from its Maker? Men have pondered these questions since the beginning of time. This book on Christian apologetics demonstrates that God created the world and has revealed Himself to man through the written Word and His Son, Jesus Christ.

J. C. Wenger writes in the introduction, "It was a pleasure to read through the book. A particular aspect of the book struck me favorably and forcibly. It is this: Quoting Scripture freely attests not only to the high view of the Bible held by the author; even more; it gives the Lord an opportunity to use His powerful Word. . . . Allow me to state humbly that the reading of this manuscript was for me a blessing to the inner man."

128 pages. Paperback. Biblical Viewpoints Publications.

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