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Remember Thy Creator

G. Richard Culp

[Remember Thy Creator (by G. Richard Culp)]

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Revised and reprinted by a Mennonite doctor who became first a creationist and then a Christian during university studies. This scholarly, yet readable, book refutes the theory of evolution in a thorough survey of the entire creation-evolution issue.

Air is a complex mixture of gases in the exact proportions necessary for life...Proteins and their amino acids are always converted to suit the host consuming them...The earth's tilt of 22.5 degrees is just right to sustain life...The various plants and animals, while showing similarities, have distinctive differences; none are observably changing or developing...Man is the only one with intelligent thought capacity. The exacting detail and order of every part of our world cannot have been brought about by happy accidents of chance.

In Remember Thy Creator, Dr. Culp thoroughly analyzes the various theories of evolution, and objectively presents his arguments against them from embryology, astronomy, geology and the fossil record, anthropology, anatomy, and genetics, establishing the truth of the Genesis account of creation as the act of God.

In addition, Dr. Culp ably shows the warping effect and closed-minded dogmatism of the theory of evolution, and warns that theistic evolution leads to spiritual disaster.

A careful study of this book will help those searching for truth to realize that God's Word is a sure and dependable foundation upon which to build.

Remember Thy Creator discusses this intricate scientific subject thoroughly, but the style is clear, and the words and sentence structure are easy to understand.

207 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.4"
ISBN: 0801023653
Copyright: 1975
Historic Christian Publishers

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