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Through the Eye of a Needle

Roger Hertzler

[Through the Eye of a Needle (by Roger Hertzler)]
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    Christian stewardship, as commonly taught today, tells us that part of wise financial management is to deposit money regularly into savings and allow it to accumulate. The doctrine of nonaccumulation, on the other hand, states the Jesus forbids His followers to accumulate wealth on earth and commands them to distribute to others that which they do not currently need.

    Which of these teachings is correct

    How important is it that we know?

    What is really at stake if we answer these questions wrongly?

    Does it really matter how many possessions a Christian has? isn't it your attitude toward your possessions that matters?

    What about the parable of the talents? Doesn't that encourage wise financial investment?

    Haven't we all know godly rich people? Doesn't God want people with great financial resources dedicated to His kingdom?

    Does God really favor poor people? Can't poor people be just as guilty of covetousness as rich people?

    What are we to make of Jesus' words to the rich young ruler? Can't we assume they were intended only for a young man who had a problem with materialism, but not for us?

    Finally, isn't the gospel so confusing on the subject that it's just a matter for each Christian to interpret for himself? Will Jesus, after all, consider it a sin if I lay up treasures on earth? What about all the other exemplary Christians who are doing it?

    The list of common questions and objections could run on and on. Roger Hertzler has tackled this hotly debated subject with a charitable straightforward look at what Jesus clearly taught on all these issues. Yes, your very relationship with Christ hinges on what you do with those teachings. Jesus clearly and repeatedly said so. As you read, you may be surprised at how dogmatically Jesus set forth a doctrine many choose to ignore.

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