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Christian Family Living

John Coblentz

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[Christian Family Living (Spanish edition)]

[Christian Family Living (Romanian edition)]

This book is for
  • fathers who want to lead their family in the way of truth

  • mothers who yearn for the serenity of Grandmother but who live more frequently with the spoutings of frustration

  • young men and women facing the crosswinds of growing up

  • parents seeking to avoid the pell-mell race into vanity

  • those who are willing to be honest with themselves and their families, and willing also to be made godly.

Practical, step-by-step instruction for everything from training toddlers to courtship standards to caring for aging parents. A guide for families, churches, and individuals serious about Christian family living.

This second edition (published in 2002) is essentially the same as the first edition. No changes were made to the basic content. In a few places new material was added and in other places the author tried to clarify some thoughts that were unclear.

318 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0878136029
ISBN: 9780878136025
Copyright: 1992, 2002
Christian Light Publications

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Study Guide, Part 1 -- ten lessons over chapters 1-4 -- 8.5" x 11" -- 20 pages

Study Guide, Part 2 -- ten lessons over chapters 5-9 -- 8.5" x 11" -- 20 pages

La vida de una familia cristiana (Spanish) -- 348 pages -- paperback

Viata Familiei Crestine (Romanian) -- 271 pages -- paperback -- TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)

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