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Christmas Carol Kauffman

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When little David Grant came to live in their home, the Aaron Loomases didn't know who he really was, or where his real parents were. Neither did Melvin Kolb nor the workers at the Millersville Children's Home, where David spent the first three years of his life.

This biographical novel by Christmas Carol Kauffman will let its readers feel the emotions of David Grant as he grows to manhood. They will realize what it means for a child not to know who he really is; what it is like to face the possibility of being "illegitimate;" how difficult it is to be convinced that his foster parents "really care," even when they are the kindest people in all the world.

Besides David, there are some people worth meeting: Sister Lora, first to teach David the meaning of love and acceptance; Miss Ranger, the teacher who understands; and -- somewhere -- a lonely mother who wonders what has happened to her baby boy.

Mrs. Kauffman helps the reader view with new sympathy those who have been the victims of broken relationships and impossible circumstances -- and those who have tried to do something about it.

341 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5" x 7.5"
Copyright: 1963, 2005
Conestoga Valley Bookbindery

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