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  Lucy Winchester Christmas Carol Kauffman  


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[Lucy Winchester] As a girl, Lucy yearned for spiritual fellowship and understanding. But her father was a stern backwoodsman who stood foursquare against religion of any sort.

This true story of Lucy's lifelong spiritual quest is set against the backdrop of two difficult marriages that included broken promises, alcoholism, and poverty. Added to that were bouts of illness, tragic accidents, and numerous infant deaths.

After a joyful beginning with Christ as her Saviour, Lucy stumbled through years of spiritual ignorance, doubt, and despair. Eventually she again found peace in Christ.

This true account reflects the goodness of God patiently leading the thirsty to the fountain of living water. Readers acquainted with tragedy will be blessed with fresh courage by reading this book.

ISBN: 9780878139767
Seventh printing, 2010
Copyright 1969, Herald Press

476 pages. Paperback. Christian Light Publications.

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