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Little Pete and Other Stories

Christmas Carol Kauffman

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Meet lonely Grandma Boyd as she forgives and unbelievably grows to love "Little Pete," an abused child in her neighborhood. You are sure to be captivated by Grandma's thrilling story of her ancestor's capture by the Indians.

"The Pink Plate" will show you what a child experiences when she is wrongfully blamed for breaking Kathleen's plate of mouth-watering fudge she had prepared for her boyfriend. Know, too, the joy of forgiveness, even after ten years.

You will feel as shame-faced as Jean in the story "Trusie Kohl" as you discover the real reason that limping Trusie was stopped and questioned by a police officer. You see, Jean was sure that Trusie had stolen a purse. Actually, she was a hero!

These thirteen stories will bring tears to your eyes and offer a deep concern for others as you read them through Christmas Carol Kauffman's observant and affectionate eyes. Each story contains a lesson for readers of all ages.

125 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.4" x 8"
Copyright: 1958, Reprinted in 2007
Conestoga Valley Book Bindery

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