Books for Our Times

This page features selected books speaking to issues of our times.
I hope to add a new selection every month or two.

Of Trouble and Comfort

posted: February 19, 2010

[A Happy Life] [Triumphant in Suffering] [Comfort for Troubled Christians] [Elaine's Thorn in the Flesh] [A Time to Be Borne]

Comfort for Troubled Christians -- $3.00
J. C. Brumfield -- The comforting scriptural encouragement in this book explains God's part and purpose in testing and offers a pattern for success to all Christians who are "passing through the fire."

Elaine's Thorn in the Flesh -- $8.00
Kathryn Martin -- The purpose of this story is to, at least in a small way, help alleviate the stigma, misconceptions and misunderstandings so often associated with mental illness -- often amongst family members.

Of Finances and Socialism

posted: November 4, 2009

[Money Issues for Christians Today] [A Way in the Wilderness] [From Wealth to Faith] [Henry and the Great Society] [The Whirlwind Cometh] [Principles of Economics]

The Whirlwind Cometh -- $4.75
anonymous -- This is an unusual book, a story you will not soon forget. A new Canadian government under Prime Minister John Smith sweeps into power, and at once begins a program to bring reform to Canada. One result is that the historic peace churches are put to a test to see if they are truly nonresistant and if their faith is genuine. The young people must appear before tribunals before they are granted conscientious objector status. (Pathway Publishers)

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Henry and the Great Society -- $4.75
H. L. Roush, Sr. -- This amazing, captivating novel tells the story of how progress came to Henry and his wife Esther. Though they determined that progress would not change them, it did. Wrote one reader: "This story paints a lurid image of how bondage, debt, and sometimes hopelessness creep into our lives totally unawares, despite our best intentions." (Pathway Publishers)

A Way in the Wilderness -- $9.50
Elizabeth Wagler -- Clare and Ruth Ann Miller are caught in today's confusing, economic wilderness. Striving to keep their heads above water and seeking relief from a hand-to-mouth income pose daily challenges. Should Ruth Ann try to find something she can do to supplement her husband's fixed income? Should they go into deep debt and start a business of their own? What is God's answer for them? (Rod & Staff Publishers)

A Time to Be Borne -- $6.00
Compiled Overholt and Sue Hooley -- Comfort for mothers of miscarried babies. Having a miscarriage is tough. It's a walk through a valley of sudden change, ill health, and emotional roller coasters.

From Wealth to Faith -- $6.95
Mollie Zook -- Prosperity is followed by disappointment, heartache, and suffering in Russia, a timely warning for Western Christianity that material wealth is fleeting and uncertain. Real security is in God. (Christian Light Publications)

Money Issues for Christians Today -- $7.70
David L. Martin -- Using the Bible as its base, this book discusses how a Christian should handle his money in today's complex world. Some subjects covered: keeping records; budgeting your time and money; earning money; economizing by various means; making a will; understanding traps of checking accounts, credit and debit cards. (Rod & Staff Publishers)