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A Time to Be Borne

Compiled by Dianna Overholt and Sue Hooley

[A Time to Be Borne (by Compiled by Dianna Overholt and Sue Hooley)]
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Comfort for mothers of miscarried babies.

Having a miscarriage is tough. It's a walk through a valley of sudden change, ill health, and emotional roller coasters. It helps to know others have been there. Often you don't realize how many understand. It helps to share with a friend. A Time to be Borne will be as a friend, sharing comfort through the valley.

from the introduction by the compilers....

Sue: In Ecclesiastes 3, King Solomon describes my experiences in the past four years. I thought that having a baby meant a time to be born. But when my pregnancy ended by miscarrying, a time to die, it was the beginning of a new season in my life.

I like to be organized and plan ahead so I had mentally started a to-do-before-baby-comes list. Who should I ask to help me? How should I decorate the nursery? The next few months looked full and exciting. My primary focus was on the new little somebody. But my future was suddenly rearranged as I found myself forced into the time to mourn stage.

Surprised at the emotions and thoughts that assailed me, it was my time to weep. It was a sad and lonely time for me. No one else had loved or prayed for this little life like I had. So it seemed that no one grieved his passing like I did.

I was in the time to heal stage when Dianna and I became acquainted. Dianna had just joined a Writer's Workshop by Mail group that I was in (WWM IV) when I mentioned the idea of compiling a miscarriage book. I had previously helped compile The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, a book for new mothers.

Dianna: Because I hadn't yet miscarried, I didn't give Sue's idea much thought. But a month later when I found myself in her shoes, I really wished for a book like that. I wanted to read how other ladies felt. I wanted someone to tell me how to react! I'm so thankful for the Bible because it contained answers to all the questions I asked. As I searched its pages, jotting down what the Lord showed me, the vision for a miscarriage book grew.

82 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 1890050946
ISBN: 9781890050948
Copyright: 2005
Carlisle Press

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