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Cherry Cobbler

Maureen Huber

[Cherry Cobbler (by Maureen Huber)]

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Cherry Cobbler is a collection of stories based on actual experiences.
Barbara, in her determination to rival her sister in baking, learns a lesson the hard way.

Raymond fumes inwardly at the mechanic because the car refuses to start for the third time, only to discover later that God intervened in a striking way.

Jean faces a battle with the fear of man -- a battle that is dragging her downward in spite of all her efforts.

As you journey with the various characters through their struggles and temptations, you will find encouragement and answers. Simple solutions are not always easily found in real life. However, God always has right solutions for His children. Finding those right solutions often lies in searching His Word, in being patient, and in trusting the Lord to guide you.

These stories will encourage young Christians to face the everyday test of life victoriously and to find right solutions for their difficulties.

191 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 0739901524
ISBN: 9780739901526
Copyright: 1975
Rod and Staff Publishers

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