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Safe in the Storm

Maureen Huber

[Safe in the Storm (by Maureen Huber)]

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When Millie Painter, (the main character in Through Tears, now married to Michael Peters) returns to her home community, she knows that, without doubt, she and her new husband will face some very difficult situations. But confident of the Lord's leading, Michael and Millie make Green Rapids their home.

Their expectations are fully realized when Millie's mother and stepfather totally reject them and eventually close their store and the local post office to all Mennonites.

Millie faces the scorn of those who believe the false, character-destroying reports her stepfather had manufactured years before to cover the fact that he himself had turned Millie out of her home.

Suspense, fears, and tragedy -- yet in it all, Michael and Millie rest in the Lord and find His presence and grace sufficient. They also experience the deepest joy of seeing souls born into the kingdom.

For upper teenagers and adults.

288 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.75" x 8.5"
Copyright: 2003
Rod and Staff Publishers

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