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Increase My Faith

Maureen Huber

[Increase My Faith (by Maureen Huber)]

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    We make choices in life with the chronicles of history in our favor. The things we have learned influence the way we act and feel, the way we speak and decide, and the way we believe, Across the panorama of two thousand years of proof, we gaze backward to the Empty Tomb and judge the matters pertaining to our faith.

    Yet our confidence still falters at times as hope dims and determination wavers, and men and women who have known the feel of Everest beneath their feet sink to the abyss of despair and brush close by the very gates of hell. Sometimes the glow of the encounter with the Divine has scarce paled from the face of the worshiper when, behind his back, the tempter glides in softly and feathers away with one shred of doubt the bits of rose-colored dust he had mistaken for mountain-moving faith.

    Mindful, then, of the fragility of the faith we experience this side of Golgotha, we ought to be the more amazed at the commitment shown by the saints of the Old Testament. For they, looking forward through the veil of history yet to be written, steadfastly grounded their faith upon the prophesied truths we have the privilege of viewing as facts.

    This confidence they had in God -- this faith in the absence of proof -- can, if we allow it to, inspire us to set our feet more firmly upon the hills of triumph. Then, in the light of their confidence and the knowledge of their victory, we can with joyous anticipation and holy wonder pray, "Lord, increase my faith!"

    140 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
    ISBN: 1933753048
    ISBN: 9781933753041
    Copyright: 2007
    Carlisle Press

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