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The Cost of the Crown

Claudia Fish

[The Cost of the Crown (by Claudia Fish)]
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    Am I too young and my future too promising to become a hunted martyr for Jesus Christ? Is it right that I leave the Catholic Church? Mass? My family? My friends? Can't I just serve God quietly without being rebaptized? Is it right to read the "forbidden book" in my own language?

    The dark bloody battle of the sixteenth-century Reformation rages in the hearts of young Margriete and her closest friend, Grietje. Go with them as they decide if they are willing to pay the cost of the crown.


    Some of my earliest memories are sitting on the floor beside Daddy's chair as he read or told me stories of my Anabaptist forefathers. When I learned to read, one of the first books he showed me was the Martyr's Mirror and I started to read the stories for myself. I'm very thankful that my parents took the time to explain to me what our ancestors have suffered because of their unshakable faith in the Word of God.

    Margriete and Grietje, their families, and most of the major characters are fictitious, but many of the related incidents are factual as taken from the Martyr's Mirror and other books. All of the Dutch Anabaptist martyrdoms that the girls witnessed or heard about did actually take place.

    I pray that this story will help us remember that the treasures of our heritage were bought with the blood of martyrs, and inspire us to press on and keep the holy doctrines that they died for alive in us. May God help us to be a generation of young people that stand for truth in our day as firmly as our Anabaptist forefathers stood for truth in theirs.

    122 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.5"
    ISBN: 1933753056
    ISBN: 9781933753058
    Copyright: 2007
    Carlisle Press

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