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1000 Questions and Answers

Daniel Kauffman

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Not for sale here now.

One Thousand Questions and Answers was first published in weekly installments in the Gospel Witness in 1907. The messages were appreciated so much that a number of people wrote the publishers of that paper, asking that the articles be published in book form.

In response to these requests the book was published in 1908. It enjoyed a large sale at once and to meet the continued demand for it reprintings have been made from time to time.

Continued interest in this book has led to this new revised edition.

These are among the subjects addressed:

  • salvation
  • repentance
  • godly sorrow
  • justification
  • consecration
  • adoption
  • sanctification
  • the holy kiss
  • woman's devotional covering
  • obedience
  • self-denial
  • christian service
  • restrictions
  • nonconformity to the world
  • covetousness
  • pleasure
  • dress
  • nonresistance
  • swearing of oaths
  • life insurance
  • righteousness
  • hell
  • the great commission

Very similar to 1001 Questions and Answers on the Christian Life, a small hardcover version published by Pathway Publishers.

154 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 4" x 6"
ISBN: 0962764329
Copyright: 1992 (edited and expanded by GPP)
Green Pastures Press

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