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Timely Talks with Teenagers

Daniel Kauffman

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Sound advice for teens on important subjects such as growing, having an aim in life, pleasure, companions, influence, little things, and more.

This book is intended for young people just developing into manhood and womanhood.

A few years ago you were mere children. In a few years more (if God permits you to live that long) you will be full-grown men and women, bearing the burdens of life.

As you are growing in body, in mind, and in knowledge, are you growing in morals? May you not only be wiser and more capable, but also better and more useful.

When in the final reckoning, you will be called upon to give account of what you did in this life, may it be that you have chosen wisely in time and accepted THE ONE THING NEEDFUL.

46 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 9781884377136
Copyright: 2008
Green Pastures Press

Centennial Edition (1906-2006) printed in late 2005.

Publisher's Note:

This book, in its original form, was published in 1906 by Mennonite Book and Tract Society under the title A Talk With Our Boys and Girls. The timeless values and wisdom it teaches are still pertinent for this generation. We have made a few changes to the text to improve the readability and thought of the book. We believe the author would be pleased to know it is still available today. We have also added the study questions and quotes at the end of each chapter, making the book more useful for personal or group studies.

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