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Always Behave Cheerfully

Mary Currier

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Do your children work cheerfully?

Parents encourage cheerful responses when they:

  • understand the importance of building loving relationships.
  • understand the child's delight in doing things with and for his parents.
  • demonstrate a task patiently, then let the child "help."
  • commend the child for his willingness and his performance.
  • permit the child to tackle work independently after helping him experience success in an activity.
  • provide a cheerful climate by singing, telling stories, and laughing while playing or working with the child.

And this coloring book can help. In addition to teaching the alphabet and coloring skills, this ABC coloring book teaches important lessons in cheerful behavior. So practice coloring neatly, memorize the alphabet, and learn important lessons in cheerful behavior -- all in the same book!

Both parents and children will enjoy this coloring book.

28 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.5"
ISBN: 9780878136001
Copyright: 2001
Christian Light Publications

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