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Returning Home

Loreen Plett

[Returning Home (by Loreen Plett)]
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    Born in Prussia in 1765, the son of a wealthy landowner, Johann Plett was heir to an estate so vast he could not survey it all in a day's ride. Raised and baptized in the Mennonite church, his marriage seemed likely to secure his happiness.

    But Johann had always scorned his father's wealth. The church had its troubles. And his father didn't approve of his marriage. Despite his religious training, he was self-centered and proud. So Johann turned his back on farm, family, and faith and struck out to start a new life, far from the haunting memories of his past.

    Based on historical accounts of the Plett family, Returning Home follows Johann's harrowing journey into political intrigue and conspiracy, forced military service, drink, poverty, and devastating loss until, driven to despair, he must choose either to reject the God of his youth or return to Him. His decision would affect his family for generations to come.

    Returning Home is both a warning to those who refuse to acknowledge God and a testimony to God's faithfulness in calling the wanderers home.

    344 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
    ISBN: 9780878136773
    Copyright: 2010
    Christian Light Publications

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