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But Not Forsaken

Helen Good Brenneman

[But Not Forsaken (by Helen Good Brenneman)]
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Maria and Hans Penner, Mennonite refugees from the Russian Ukraine, forge ever west with their family, west to freedom! In East Germany the Communists tragically separate Maria and Hans. Each fears the other lost, slain. Hoping against hope, each continues westward.

But Not Forsaken graphically portrays the effects of war on the hearts of men, the bountiful blessings of the free, the faithfulness and love of God. The Penners' fight for life, for faith, for freedom is both daring and dangerous as they trudge west "from one oasis of friendship to another through the vast desert of their hopeless existence."

This is But Not Forsaken, a gripping story that gains momentum with every page, a story of trials, treachery, torture, tragedy, and triumph, of a struggle for food, freedom, and faith -- a challenging report of a family persecuted -- but not forsaken!

253 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 4.25" x 7"
ISBN: 0878139540
ISBN: 9780878139545
Copyright: 1983
Christian Light Publications

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