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Homeschooling With Joy

compiled by Frieda Thiessen

[Homeschooling With Joy (by Frieda Thiessen)]
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    Serious home educators spend many hours of diligent effort to make their homeschools a success. They do it for the children. They do it for God. They plan; they prepare; they coach and teach; they pray; they struggle. And on top of that they still have all their other roles: bread-winner, homemaker, husband, wife, and more.

    It's no wonder homeschooling sometimes becomes overwhelming. The once lofty goals grow dim and the focus turns to survival. If that's where you are, or what you want to avoid, Homeschooling With Joy offers encouragement and practical help.

    Homeschooling With Joy is a collection of articles by home educators who have learned valuable lessons that can benefit your life and your homeschool. Yes, a father can be more than a bumbling addition to home education. He can provide leadership and nurture, help keep his wife's load manageable, and guide the fulfillment of the Great Commission in his homeschool. No, a mother doesn't have to be an exhausted martyr. She can manage the household, see that everyone is adequately fed and clothed, younger children cared for, and the students educated, all without neglecting her marriage.

    This inspiring book provides answers to the difficult challenges of homeschooling, so that with the work, there is joy!


    Homeschool Is...

    Daddy Helps
    Dad's Role in Homeschooling
    Getting It Done vs. Doing It Right
    Homeschool Burnout and Stress Management

    A Prayer for Serenity
    Respecting My Husband's Involvement
    Dealing With Frustrations
    Preparing Our Arrows
    The Homeschooled Parent

    For These I Pray
    Lighting Candles
    Here a Little, and There a Little
    Exploring in the Corners
    Stop! This Is a Teachable Moment

    Mother Is the Key
    What Do I Do With My Toddler?
    Keeping My Son's Respect
    A Friendly Word
    Teaching High School Students
    Returning the Graduate to His Father

    Weaving Life and Learning
    The Ornament of an Orderly Home
    We Live Here
    Homemaking with Joy
    A Dinner of Herbs
    Children and Chores
    How We Learned to Use a Schedule

    My Plans and God's
    Blessings in Spite of a Rough Start
    Weathering the Midwinter Storm
    When the Teacher is Down
    It Is Never Too Late

    Our House Is Yours
    Our Homes -- A Mission in the Community
    Teaching Your Children Hospitality
    On Priorities and Bread Crumbs
    Entering the Mission Field

    201 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
    ISBN: 9780878136742
    Copyright: 2010
    Christian Light Publications

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