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Four Days With Aunt Joanne

Mary Hursh

[Four Days With Aunt Joanne (by Mary Hursh)]
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This is a collection of thirty-nine true-to-life stories about children. Parents and children alike learn lessons about God and life. Parents will find many practical pointers for dealing with various situations they face with their children.
  • Clarence has the same disease his friend had who died, but Father and Mother help him to know that it is God who is in control of life and death.
  • David finds how much better truth is than trying to cover up wrong.
  • Elsie cannot sew or type like her big sisters, but she is just the right size for many other jobs.
  • Carolyn finds that a book found in the bushes is one that will fill her mind with poison.
  • Abbie learns that even when Mother goes out during church she needs to be good.
  • Lois finds that candy given to keep her from telling the truth does not "taste" very good.
  • Verna prays for Sister Janice.
  • Eldon discovers how special Mother is.
  • William begins to understand that if he wants to be a Samuel when he grows up, he had better listen and obey right now.

This is an ideal book when your child comes and says, "Please, read me a story."

346 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.6" x 8.5"
ISBN: 0739923099
ISBN: 9780739923092
Copyright: 2004
Rod and Staff Publishers

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