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A New Family for Semoj

Joy Hart

[A New Family for Semoj (by Joy Hart)]
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With fear in his eyes, Semoj watches the passing scenery. The peaceful fields and the meadows are frighteningly different from any thing he has ever seen. Mrs. Mason is taking Semoj and his brother Malik to a new life, far away from the drab apartments and filthy sidewalks that they have always called home. They are going away from their mother and all that is familiar to them.

The boys will soon be facing one of the biggest challenges of their young lives -- a new family, a new home, and new friends. Semoj and Malik know nothing of the Bible, by which their new family lives.

This story will provide a clearer understanding about less fortunate children and their responses to new surroundings. It is written especially for children who face these or similar experiences as well as for families that welcome them into their hearts and homes. Others will also enjoy this interesting and well-written story.

242 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.6" x 8.5"
ISBN: 073992320X
ISBN: 9780739923207
Copyright: 2004
Rod and Staff Publishers

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