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Because They Cared

Carol Kauffman

[Because They Cared (by Carol Kauffman)]
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When the little town of Graceton, in northern Minnesota, became a fledgling mission's focus of attention, George and Dorothy Zook faced a tough decision. Would they be willing to move there? They looked at the challenges, and at the needy children and families of Graceton.

They went.

But going wasn't easy. Their new home required attention. A leaky roof, broken windows, and cracked plaster needed repairs. And heating a drafty house with uninsulated walls in sub-zero temperatures would take lots of wood.

They faced lonely days in a community where not everyone appreciated them. Making a living was a struggle too, and they cut corners to pay the bills. But George and Dorothy believed if they did their part, God would give them strength for the trials.

Patiently they reached out to neighbors and townspeople, visiting them, helping them, and inviting them to church. Little by little the barriers of suspicion and awkwardness melted away. Slowly church attendance grew and lives were influenced. The author was one who responded.

Because They Cared is a tribute to George and Dorothy, two faithful people who trusted in God, loved a community, and pointed them to Christ the Saviour.

169 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136636
Copyright: 2009
Christian Light Publications

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