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A Change of Allegiance

Dean Taylor

[A Change of Allegiance (by Dean Taylor)]
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    What should a Christian do with Jesus' words, "Love your enemies"?

    Is it alright for a Christian to go to war?

    Doesn't a Christian have an obligation to defend his country?

    Dean Taylor and his wife Tania were both in the US Army when they realized that, as committed Christians, they had to come to grip with these questions. In a new and sincere quest for truth, they were determined to follow Jesus Christ under that banner "no compromise." As they began to search the Scriptures and church history, they came to the startling discovery that the Christian Church originally was uniformly opposed to Christians going to war or joining the military.

    In A Change of Allegiance, Dean Taylor takes the reader on a moving journey through the Scriptures, Christian history, and his own life's story as he demonstrates the incompatibility of Christianity and war.

    Ultimately, Dean Taylor challenges his readers to consider where their allegiance truly lies.

    224 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
    ISBN: 0981897304
    ISBN: 9780981897301
    Copyright: 2008
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