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My Grandma's Garden

JoAnna Stauffer

[My Grandma's Garden (by JoAnna Stauffer)]
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    This young child's book features color pictures and poetry about a girl and her grandma's garden. It tells about different kinds of flowers. And has a lesson relating to weeds and flowers and teaching about God wants His children to be.

    I love my grandma's garden!
    Won't you come to see
    The many blooming flowers,
    Which are best of friends with me?

    It's fun in grandma's garden, for
    Its beauty never ends.
    And I'm so glad God took the time
    To make my flower friends!

    40 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.5"
    ISBN: 0739924028
    ISBN: 9780739924020
    Copyright: 2008
    Rod and Staff Publishers

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