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Never Alone -- Galina's Story

Violet Miller

[Never Alone -- Galina's Story (by Violet Miller)]
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Galina's father was arrested when she was too small to remember. But her mother told her how she had waited by the tracks to meet him. When the train arrived, he was not on board. Galina grew up watching her godly mother's life of faith and seeing how God cared and provided for their family.

When Galina's husband Pavel was ordained, she remembered her father's imprisonment and her mother's hardships. She knew she and Pavel might well face the same trials. "I am Yours, Lord," she prayed. "I am willing to do whatever You call us to, and even to suffer for Your name's sake."

One day Galina had a visitor. "My dear sister, I have sad news for you."

Their worst fears had come true. Pavel had been arrested.

Galina learned the ache of loneliness and wept for what her husband was enduring. She struggled to raise their family for God. She saw her children come home from school in tears. She faced terrifying attempts by authorities to incarcerate her and take her children.

Never Alone is much more than a chronicle of persecution. It is a story of complete commitment, the power of prayer, and the blessings of brotherhood. It is a testimony of God's protection, a challenge for today's Christians, and a reminder that, regardless of our circumstances, God's children are never alone.

360 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 9780878136544
Copyright: 2007
Christian Light Publications

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