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Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God

Brenda Weaver

[Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God (by Brenda Weaver)]
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    Daughters of Eve know the discouragement of failure, defeat, and fruitlessness. Their paths have been salted with tears of frustration and helplessness. Higher ground often seems distant and out of reach. Is there hope?

    Yes! A loving Father, who understands the inherent weaknesses and struggles of women, extends to every woman a royal invitation to become his very own daughter. Those who accept find themselves lifted, nurtured, and carried by his great love and grace, regardless of the circumstances.

    Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God has the ring of experience. As a fearful five-year-old, the author watched her own family break apart. Heartbroken, she could not imagine her empty longings ever being fulfilled. Years later she could look back and see God's powerful, redemptive work. Woven through this book is her testimony of God's remarkable grace.

    Warm, personal, and practical, the inspirational guidance on these pages will help transform earthly daughters of Eve into virtuous daughters of God, thrilled with the joy of victory.

    Here's a bit of an excerpt: Growing Character
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    232 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
    ISBN: 9780878136469
    Copyright: 2007
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