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Who Am I?

Virginia Beachy and Tabitha Schmidt

[Who Am I? (by Virginia Beachy and Tabitha Schmidt)]
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    To parents and teachers....

    Who Am I? makes learning about animals fun. Each page features an animal, bird, insect, or reptile that tells the child about itself in an engaging style, hoping to give enough clues to reveal its identity. Read aloud to your children and see who can guess the animal's name first!

    For children who can read, Who Am I? is an educational activity that is perfect as part of their school day. The correct answer appears on the lower right of each page.


    What was that? It looked like a bird, but was it? Yes, it was, though it probably looked like a blur, I usually run at speeds of 15 to 18 miles per hour, though I can run faster. My speed is what protects me and helps me catch prey. I can change directions quickly by using my tail as a rudder. I straighten and extend my long neck and use my tail and wings to stay balanced when I run. I don't fly much because my flight is clumsy.

    I live in the scrubby forests of the southwest United States and Mexico. It's hot during the day, but gets cool at night. My body temperature drops at night and I enter a state of torpor. This makes me sluggish and slow to respond to danger, but I have few predators. There is a special patch of dark skin between my wings that absorbs heat from the sun. This helps me reach my normal temperature quickly.

    I eat insects, lizards, snakes, small rodents, and birds. I often pick small prey off vegetation. To catch larger prey, I sprint after it, pound it against the ground until it is soft, and then eat it whole. My specialty is catching snakes. I circle one, staying away from its fangs, then dart in and catch it behind the head.

    The female uses twigs to build a shallow, basket-shaped nest above the ground, then lays three to seven white eggs and incubates them for 20 days. The chicks are black and naked. Both parents bring them insects and small lizards to eat. They can run at 18 days and are ready to leave the nest about a week later.

    My body is 16 inches long and my tail eight inches long. I am light-colored underneath, but my back and neck are dark, streaked with light. My head has a crest of dark feathers, and my bill is dark as well. my legs are powerfully built. WHO AM I?

    40 pages -- paperback
    Dimensions: 5.4" x 8.5"
    ISBN: 193375303X
    ISBN: 9781933753034
    Copyright: 2006
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