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Our Wounded Soldier Goes to Jerusalem

MaryAnn Martin

[Our Wounded Soldier Goes to Jerusalem (by MaryAnn Martin)]
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I have confidence that we as a family have all accepted and loved Joshua as a Downs Syndrome child and later, as severely handicapped too. We taught our children to never be ashamed of him for being different.

God wants different people here on the earth to have different callings and to bring about unique situations that bring tests and blessings which could not come any other way.

People notice when you are not embarrassed with and have fully accepted special ones like Josh. This helps them to do the same. If you as a family are uncomfortable and apologetic, others may feel awkward and withdraw. However, don't be shocked if you have wrong feelings sometimes. God knows you are human, and He wants to give you the mind of Christ. Bring your feelings to God in prayer. When you're honest about your feelings, you can deal with them; but when you try to push them down and pretend they are not there, it will be very difficult to deal with the situation.

It's not always necessary to express all of your feelings or to make a big issue of them to manage them. As we confess them to God and put them behind us, we can look to God and His planned purpose and promise and go on with courage. Enduring difficult experiences which God allows in our lives develops the quality of character that is a useful blessing to man and may be found with praise, honor, and glory at the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This story was written for the purpose of identifying with others who share this type of trial in life. We also hope to help those that haven't been able to identify with special children or their families. If this short story can help all of us notice, accept, help, and love handicapped children or their families more, the purpose of this book is accomplished.

87 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
Copyright: 2004
Lighthouse Publishing

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