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Worth Remembering

Robert Stauffer

[Worth Remembering (by Robert Stauffer)]
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Formerly: A Father's Legacy

For those who have the insight to see life through the light of God's timeless principles, even common circumstances can be wells of wisdom. Worth Remembering is a collection of such wisdom -- true stories told by a godly father who learned from his own experiences and those of others. Stories of family life, the mission field, and the workplace portray the values of integrity, sacrifice, obedience to the Word, going the second mile, and more. Written humbly and honestly, Worth Remembering tells of times the author "did it right" and time he missed the mark.

These wholesome stories can be read to children, incorporated into family worship, or used as sources of meaningful illustrations. Besides being interesting to read, Worth Remembering will challenge and encourage young and old alike.

191 pages -- paperback
ISBN: 9780878139712
Copyright: 2009
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25

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