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Millie's Christmas Surprise

Judy Yoder

[Millie's Christmas Surprise (by Judy Yoder)]

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This Christmas, Millie's family decided to surprise Grandpa with money for new eyeglasses, even though it meant doing without the new clothes they needed. But what could Millie do for Grandma? She had a good idea. But would Grandma like her secret?

Travel through the night and the blowing snow with Millie and her family. Trudge with them through the drifts to Grandpa's house. And enjoy a special family time with Grandpas. When their giving was done, Grandpa had a gift of his own to share -- a story!

A warm family story of the simple joys of sacrifice, generosity, and loving-kindness.

71 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 8" x 9"
ISBN: 087813638X
ISBN: 9780878136384
Copyright: 2006
Christian Light Publications

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