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  Valley of My Heart Judy Yoder  


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The first shots seemed unreal and far away, but by midsummer the Civil War had come to Virginia. A fierce loyalty to the Confederacy swept through the Shenandoah Valley with confidence of a swift and glorious victory. Instead, there cam an unending nightmare of dread, anguish, and suffering. A poisonous cloud of hatred and vengeance hung over the valley.

In this turmoil, David and Ellen Shull faced troubling questions. What does God think about war? How should Christians live in times such as these? To many, such questions were traitorous. In spite of scornful opposition, David and Ellen continued their spiritual quest, even after circumstances forced them apart. Would they ever find the truth?

Through the dark confusion appeared a shining testimony, a peaceful people living out Christlike love and forgiveness. This stirring historical fiction chronicles David and Ellen's difficult pilgrimage.

Paperback. 508 pages. Christian Light Publications.

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