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Bible Survey Series

Harold S. Bender, Paul Erb, Chester K. Lehman

[Bible Survey Series: Early History and Law]

[Bible Survey Series: Later History and Poetry]       [Bible Survey Series: The Prophets]

[Bible Survey Series: The Gospels and Acts]       [Bible Survey Series: The Epistles and Revelation]

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The Bible Survey Series provides an overview of the books of the Bible.

Rod and Staff has revised and reprinted these books that had been published by Herald Press in 1936.

Outlines, facts concerning authorship, general content, and the time frame are included for each book of the Bible.

Each of the five books are divided into ten lessons, with study questions at the end of each lesson. Helpful information and charts are also included. These books will be valuable study aids for personal or group Bible study.

Early History and Law, Harold S. Bender -- Bible Survey Series, Book I -- Genesis to Ruth -- 139 pages -- $5.00

Later History and Poetry, Harold S. Bender and Paul Erb -- Bible Survey Series, Book II -- 1 Samuel to Song of Solomon -- 167 pages -- $5.50

The Prophets, Paul Erb -- Bible Survey Series, Book III -- Isaiah to Malachi -- 119 pages -- $4.50

The Gospels and Acts, Chester K. Lehman -- Bible Survey Series, Book IV -- Matthew to Acts -- 132 pages -- $4.75

The Epistles and Revelation, Chester K. Lehman -- Bible Survey Series, Book V -- Romans to Revelation -- 137 pages -- $5.00


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Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Copyright: 1936, 2005
Herald Press, Rod & Staff Publishers

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