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More Tea Leaves

Nancy Stutzman, compiler

[More Tea Leaves (by Nancy Stutzman)]

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Devotional Meditations for Women

Were you one of the many thousands of women blessed by Tea Leaves? Well, now you can enjoy a second collection of devotional meditations for women!

A dozen women share from their hearts about walking with Christ in everyday life. While they testify of joy and strength in fellowship with God, they also confess weaknesses, struggles, and tears. While they're determined to support their husbands, discipline their children, and help people in need, they also know the frustration of conflicting priorities, the disappointment of others' failures, and the grief of personal loss.

You'll identify with them because they live where you live. You'll love them because they're honest, earnest, and genuine.

More Tea Leaves offers the hope of God's grace. It has the warmth of the kitchen, the companionship of a sister across the table, and the presence of God. Have a seat, relax, and savor.

37 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0878135928
ISBN: 9780878135929
Copyright: 2000
Christian Light Publications


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